What is Long COVID?

Lady with mask has Long COVID

What happens when COVID-19 symptoms seem to never go away? The introduction of COVID-19 may have seemed like a while ago, however, there are new discoveries made every day about it. Although it may seem like old news, there is still plenty of uncertainty and research being done around the disease. Recently, there have been…

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Topeka ER & Hospital Welcomes EMS Unlimited

Contact: Jami Nichols Director of Marketing jnichols@topekahospital.com 785-670-6763 TOPEKA, KANSAS March 15, 2024 — Topeka ER & Hospital is excited to welcome EMS Unlimited to Topeka. EMS Unlimited is a veteran-owned and operated industry leader in ambulance transportation. EMS Unlimited will serve Topeka and surrounding communities with both Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support…

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Do Allergies Affect Sleep?

Woman sneezes in bed

Learn how to get a restful night’s sleep during allergy season. People who suffer from seasonal allergies often experience itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, and nonstop sneezing. However, a bad night’s sleep with limited rest may be an unexpected and disruptive symptom for many allergy sufferers. Unfortunately, allergies can negatively impact sleep, but there are…

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